Top 5 Catering Service Provider In Kudus

If you come to an event so you will find lots of dishes. Even on every event like thanksgiving, birthday party, or wedding party you will definitely find some very tasty food menus. Some of these food menus are deliberately served for invited guests. In fact the tradition of preparing food for invited guests at parties not only in Indonesia but also abroad.

Because it’s food at an event has its own meaning for everyone. Although later it will run out after being eaten but without food in event then the event is as incomplete. As for some of the menu dishes that must be at a party such as cake, juice, fruit, and much more. Not infrequently also at an event provide heavy food for theris guests.

The Best Catering Service In Kudus

The food at the party is usually not made by the party owner himself because this is very unlikely. One of the services most often rented by party organized to arrange all the food at the party is catering service. For those of you who live in a Kudus city and need a catering service so you can use some catering Kudus like as follows.

1. Jameela catering

Source : jameelacatering

Jameela catering is one of the catering services in the Kudus city. Where this catering service offers various food dishes made with quality and healthy ingredients. Jameela catering argues that there are currently many catering companies that are very rare healthy food ingredients. Jameela catering located at Jl. Pattimura No. 362 B Jati, Kudus.

2. RG catering

Holding an event it will be easier if you are helped by catering service. Why is that? Because catering services that will manage all dishes served on your event. If you live in Kudus city so you can use one of the best catering service in the city, namely RG catering. To use this catering service you just go to Jl. Kudus Pati Ngembalrejo, Kudus.

3. Catering Kudus

Catering Kudus is one the best catering service in Kudus city. Service with all their heart became the main identity of this catering service. Not only good in the catering service but catering Kudus always very responsive to customer demand so that all customers feel satisfied. Catering Kudus located at Jl. Krisna, Gg. Pralogo, Jati Wetan Village, Kudus.

4. Bu Ida catering

Source : Bu Ida Catering
Bu Ida catering is catering service in Kudus city who can serve various kinds of food at a very affordable price. Some dishes that are the main menu in catering service are cone-shaped rice, rice and grilled chicken, rice and crispy chicken, and much more. Bu Ida catering located at Ngembal Rejo, Negmbal Rejo Bae, Kudus.

5. Kedai Dede catering

Source : Kedai Dede Catering

If you are looking for a catering service which uses basic ingredients that are low in fat and also healthy so you can use Kedai Dede catering. This is catering has a guarantee if all the food menus are made from healthy ingredients. So you don’t need to worry if you use this catering service. Kedai Dede catering located at Jl. Kutilang, No. 52, Kudus.
That was some of the best catering Kudus city.

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