Top 10 Most Popular Cuisine In Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the countries in the world which has a tropical climate. In Indonesia there are also many interesting tourist attractions. As for some interesting tourist destinations in Indonesia such as Raja Ampat, Komodo Island, Bali Island, and much more. Indonesia doesn’t only have interesting tourist destinations but also has a variety of cuisines.

10 Most Delicious Cuisine In Indonesia

Indeed Indonesia has a lot of culinary cuisine. This is caused by ethnic diversity in Indonesia. From this ethnic diversity then several new recipes emerged from each region. Cuisine in Indonesia is not only famous for its variety but also because the taste of the food is very delicious. As for the 10 most popular cuisine in Indonesia are:

1. Nasi goreng

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Fried rice form Indonesia is a food that is made very simple. But who would have thought if this one food which is considired food the most delicious in Indonesia. Even the delicacy of Indonesian fried rice is also recognized by former president of the United States, Barack Obama.

2. Gado-Gado

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Are you a vegetarian? If yes so you have to try eat gado-gado. Gado-gado is a food consisting of some fresh vegetables and smeared with peanut chili sauce.

3. Bakso

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Bakso or also known as meatbeall is a food that has a round shape. Where this food is made from ground beef or chicken until smooth. Then mixed with noodles and broth with topping the leek slices.

4. Rendang sapi

Rendang sapi is next the popular cuisine in Indonesia. This food is made from steamed pieces of beef with coconut milk. After the meat is tender and then fried and served.

5. Siomay

Indonesia doesn’t only have popular food in the from of heavy food. But there are snacks that are very popular both for Indonesian people and for foreigners, that is siomay. But, Siomay also often referred to as dim sum, and also could be said to be originally is from China’s cultures.

6. Sop buntut

May sound strange when you are first hear about this one Indonesian food. Sop buntut is authentic Indonesian food made from oxtail or crow’s tail. Not only delicious, it turns out that sop buntut is very healthy.

7. Nasi rawon

For the people of Indonesia rice is the main food. There is even a term if Indonesian people don’t eat rice so they are not full. One of the most popular foods in Indonesia is nasi rendang. This rice is made from a mixture of need rice and rendang meat.

8. Satay

If you visit to Indonesia so you must try satay. Satay is a typical Indonesian food. Where this food is made from several kinds of meat like chicken, beef, or mutton. Then the meat is sliced into small pieces and arranged on a log and baked until mature. Satay served with peanut chili sauce.

9. Gudeg

Gudeg is an authentic food from Yogyakarta. Where these foods have a lot of toppings such as eggs, chicken meat, peanut, and etc. Then all the toppings and rice are flushed with coconut milk sauce.

10. Nasi uduk

Still with the main menu of rice, Indonesia has very popular food that is nasi uduk. Nasi uduk has a very unique taste that is sweet dan salty.
Finally that is 10 most popular cuisine in Indonesia which is indeed famous for its delicacy.

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