Top 10 Destination In East Java

East Java is one of the islands in Indonesia that has a lot of traditional arts. As for some of these traditional arts like Kuda Lumping, Reyog Ponorogo, Jaipong dancer, and many more. This traditional arts in East Java handed down from the ancestors. Where the authenticity of arts is still very protected.

The Best Tourist Destination In East Java

Besides being rich in traditional art, East Java also has several interesting tourist destinations. Even every tourist destination on this island is still like when it was first build. As for some destination in East Java that you must visit are:

1. Madakaripura waterfall

If you are looking for a tourist destination with a complete package. In the from of a good photo place, the right place to test adrenaline, until a suitable place to enjoy the beauty of nature so you can visit Madakaripura waterfall who was in the Probolinggo city.

2. Plengkung beach (G-Land)

Plengkung beach is a beach located in the Banyuwangi city. Why is called G-Land? Because this beach has waves that are perfect for surfers.

3. Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL)

Even though the Lamongan city has quite hot temperatures but many tourists come to this city for vacation every year. One of the most interesting tourist attractions in Lamongan is WBL (Wisata Bahari Lamongan).

4. Gong cave

In Gong cave you can enjoy the beauty of the cave panorama which come from fusion cave staglamite and staglatite. Some rocks here can sound if hit and this become a unique feature of the Gong cave.

5. Coban Rondo waterfall

In Coban Rondo waterfall you can not only enjoy the beauty of the natural scenery but you can also try some games ride like flying fox until climbing trees.

6. Sukamade beach

The main advantages of Sukamade beach are there a view when turtle is laying eggs. Besides that there is very fine beach sand for playground.

7. Baluran national park

If you want to visi Baluran national park then come when the rainy season arrives. Because the most interesting sights of Baluran narional park are wide savanna that appears during the rainy season.

8. Ijen crater

In Ijen crater you will find a natural phenomenon that is very amazing and does not exist in other areas, namely blue fire. Ijen crater is also the most attractive tourist destination in Indonesia especially destination in East Java after Bali island.

9. Mount Bromo

Do you like hiking? If the answer is yes so you can go to Mount Bromo. Because in there you can find a very amazing view from height that you will not imagine. Even from the foot of the mountain you can see the beauty of Mount Bromo.

10. Museum Angkut

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere like in Hollywood or in ancient Eropa then you can go to Museum Angkut. The museum located in Malang city offers a European atmosphere and is equipped with some interesting objects.
Choosing to vacation in East Java indeed the right thing because this island have many destinations in East Java are very interesting.

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