4 Beautiful and Simple Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Creating place for retreat should be adjusted with what you want to get and feel. This is where romantic bedroom ideas become relevant options. You will feel cozy, relaxed, and excited at the same time.

Adding romantic atmosphere in bedroom is easy. However, some people think that romance is about feminine that’s only for women. That is not completely false, but lack of in-depth perspective. In fact, men also need this romantic approach.

Sparkle and flora

You can make bedroom that has romance touch without spending much money. Simple way is to decor with sparkle and floral. Do not change the room basic arrangement. You just replace things that are the most appealing, such as blanket or wallpaper.

Floral pattern gives soothing personification in order to project the romance feeling. You can replace bed cover and blanket with this kind of pattern. Give floral at the main theme in your bedroom. Below is the list to apply it.

  • Choose cover with contrast color pattern.
  • Avoid too feminine color like pink.
  • Use white to blend with floral and sparkling style.

Classic Bedroom

Classic Bedroom
Image Source: hgtv.com

Designers have many ideas related to romantic bedroom. One of them is classic bedroom. In old movie, you see how bedroom becomes romantic and stylish. This is where you can put this idea into your own retreat area.

Classic refers to the era with long years before nowadays. You can apply the style during early 19th where art and design started to emerge. This style is suitable for everyone, except children or teens.

Romantic bedroom ideas with classic style are favorable choice for adult and elderly. Adults want to experience romantic vibe during past time. On the other hand, elderly tries to bring reminiscence from their youth. That is why this style becomes the best design at all.

Fairy tale touch

Romance is about finding love to live happily ever after. Women have a dream to find prince charming and go to aisle together. Both live in big castle with beautiful bedroom.

Such fantasy is driving force to adapt imaginary tale into real implementation. Fairy tale touch gives more than romantic vibe because it brings old and classic atmosphere as well. This is what you need to feel blissful in the morning with high spirit to face the world.

Fantasy or fairy style can be adjusted to fit small bedroom ideas. You do not need fancy furnishing, but just replace what necessary to look like fantasy room. It starts from painting, wallpaper, bed cover, and blanket.

Romantic Bedroom For Men

Romantic Bedroom For Men
Image Source: hgtv.com

Do you think romantic bedroom is only for women? That’s not true since men also have their romantic and gentle side. The approach is quite different because men tend to be simpler and more masculine.

You can try to get rid unnecessary ornament on the wall then add modern bed. The key is color and pattern composition. Of course, you should not add floral pattern or decor. On contrary, romantic bedroom ideas for men is suitable with plain design and single color.

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