Inspiring Ideas about Minimalist Rug Hunting for All Rooms

Rug is everything for a room.

It brings color, character, and pattern to our home.

Besides, stepping on a rug feels way more comfortable than stepping on a cold floor – especially in winter.

Even though, it can be tricky in finding the right size of a rug and the right place to put it down.

Fortunately, we have keys that help you getting the right minimalist rug for each room in your home sweet home.

Placing Minimalist Rug in the Right Angle of Every Room

1. Covering living room’s floor with the best rug

minimalist design rug

When placing your living room rug, make sure you each furniture’s front legs are on your rug.

For the coffee table, you’re free to place its entire legs on the rug.

Your living room rug must have six inches space or more on every side of your furniture.

Pick one between three usual sizes of living room rugs: 10×14, 9×12, or 8×10.

Watch your room’s size when choosing one.

2. Warming up dining room with minimalist rug

minimalist rugs

On chosing the right rug for a room can not be underestimated. C

hoose one between three famous dining room rug sizes: 9×12, 8×10, and 6×9.

The rug must be big enough so that the entire dining chairs around your dining table are on your dining room rug.

Also make sure that your dining room rug extends your table about eight inches or more on every side.

3. Completing a master bedroom with a cozy rug

minimalist style rug

Master bedroom is where the king bed is placed.

Common size of bedroom rug to complement the king bed is 9×12 rug.

The rug for master bedroom must extends the king bed by a foot or more.

There must be a space between your nightstands and the rug, about eight inches or more.

Follow the rule and your master bedroom will look and feel extremely cozy.

4. Making a smaller bedroom way more comfortable

minimalist bedroom rug

If your bedroom has a queen bed, the right rug is the 8×10 rug.

Your bedroom rug must has eight inches or more spaces on every side of your queen bed.

Besides, the rug must not extend your nightstands.

These rules are going to keep your bedroom with queen bed looks proportional.

Keep in mind that different bed sizes require different rug sizes. Placed it near meja.

5. Cube rug for minimalist room

modern minimalist rugs

Cube rug, especially the hand tufted one is the right choice for your living room and home office.

This rug is going to give you plush and soft experience.

Living room and home office are perfect home for this rug since those rooms receive high traffic.

Make sure your room has a focal point that matches this cube tufted rug. You can also opt for other handmade rugs.

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