How To Write a Funny Short Story

In every day, we often experience stress, sadness, tension, and lethargy while undergoing work or other activities.

Therefore we need humor or jokes to make happy again.

For some people writing funny thing in a short story is so interesting.

But do they know about how to write a funny short story?

If you are interested in writing and also have a high sense of humor, then write a funny story immediately.

Writing funny stories will not be difficult when the story flows from your thoughts.

Writing short stories that are funny and likable to people can be a pleasant experience.

Tips on How to Write a Funny Short Story

Tips for making funny short stories are:

1. Plan a funny story that we will make

Determine and identify your humor style.

If you try to write a humorous story that doesn’t suit your storytelling style, your story won’t appeal to the reader.

There are many different types of humor.

for example observational humor (showing funny situations in everyday), anecdotal humor (focusing on funny personal stories).

There will be also burlesque (involving imitation and caricature), dark humor (involving one’s death and misfortune), Dry humor (lack of emotion or expression in conveying the material) and others.

Before you write a funny story, you must determine the idea of the story that we will make.

Stories must be strong with funny elements, not just jokes or funny scenarios.

This funny short story can also be taken from funny events that you have experienced.

Choose clear words and settings so that readers can understand and imagine the situations of humor that we make.

Prepare funny situations and characters.

Before building a story plot, choose settings or funny events at the beginning.

Funny characters can be seen from the appearance, way of speaking, behavior or situation where they are.

2. Build a clear storyline

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The next procedure on how to write a funny short story is building the story line.

An interesting start is very important in the first paragraph.

This determines whether the reader will continue to read or stop.

The first paragraph must contain a sentence that links the attention and interest of the reader.

Try to include something unusual in the first paragraph such as something unexpected, interesting conflict or striking action.

This will increase the sense of urgency and tension of the reader.

Make clear characters.

Make sure the character is clearly visible in terms of appearance, behavior, speech, and thoughts.

Make sure you convey the four main characteristics to the reader.

Other additions besides the 4 characteristics are only as complementary characters.

Add anecdotes to the story.

Anecdotes are personal short stories that convey something meaningful and funny.

Many people think the anecdote is funnier than the original joke.

3. your story again and add more funny things

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Comparison of comedy can be added to short stories (cerpen).

A good comedy comparison is comparing two things that are related and packed with funny or unexpected things.

To make it easier for readers to understand the image, then use a helpful parable.

Parables are interpreted as the words “like” or “as”.

An example of a parable is “your eyes are like a beautiful rainbow”.

The metaphor is a comparison that describes something even though it is something else, for example, “your eyes speak”.

The story that has been made needs to be checked and revised to become a perfect story.

When you revise the story, add more comedy to the story and don’t forget to make thorough editing.

Editing stories must be careful starting from the selection of sentences, typos, weak descriptions, cliches, and other problems.

Ask friends or teachers to rate the short story you made.

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