5 Exciting Activities at the Highest Mountain North America

North America is an enormous continent (third largest in the world). It is topologically diverse area with many interesting geographical features. This article will discuss about the highest mountain North America has: Denali Mountain.

There are many things that this mountain has to offer. This mountain is located in Alaska region and it offers more than just its peaks.

Exploring Wildlife At Its National Park

Exploring Wildlife At Its National Park
Image Source: designcoral.com

Denali National Park has highly diversified wildlife and vegetation. You can encounter various species of animals, such as:

  • Grizzly bears
  • Arctic ground squirrels
  • Bald eagles
  • Golden eagles
  • Caribous
  • Ptarmigans
  • Dall’s sheeps
  • Black bears

Since the animals are not caged, you cannot always witness wildlife in action. There are some spots where certain animals will most likely visit, though. You need to spend ample amount of time in the park to get a chance seeing these wild animals.

Enjoying Adventurous Trails by Hiking

Do you enjoy hiking activity? This place certainly offers you opportunities to hike on its trails. You can even go off trail if you are feeling more adventurous. You can get guidance from experienced park ranger during the hiking.

The trails within this national park are relatively short. They are also located near the main entrance. If you want more challenge and opportunities to see wildlife, you can go off trail. There are several spots off-limit to visitors, though.

Biking Through Denali Park

Biking is another way to enjoy the highest mountain North America has to offer without having to learn utilizing climbing gears. The park’s road stretches about 92 miles. You can explore it from the entrance to its furthest corner. You need to prepare proper biking gears for safety first.

There are several starter points suggested to enjoy the ultimate biking experience in this park. You can start from its entrance. Start biking from Savage River is also another great way to enjoy fun biking experience.

Visiting Dog Kennels

You can absolutely do family friendly activities within this national park. There are certain activities that are more broadcasted than others. Visiting dog kennels is an activity that people will think as fun. The kennels are used to accommodate park guarding dogs.

The kennels are located around 3 miles ways from the park’s entrance. They can be visited all year round, although in winter you may have hard time meeting the dogs. They tend to be let out during winter to do many pleasant activities such as sleigh dog.

Flight Seeing

Flight Seeing
Image Source: gonorth-alaska.com

Do you want to enjoy Denali Mountain in less conventional manner? You can do flight seeing. It means enjoying the scenery of this national park from the helicopter. This attraction can be enjoyed throughout the year. There are many routes being offered in this national park.

You even have the chance to land the helicopter on glaciers if you want to play with ice around the highest mountain North America has to offer. It seems like a worthy holiday experience you can share to your friends.

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