Do Cats Prefer to Be Petted?

Just a few years in the past, the journal Frontiers in Psychology confirmed what pet dad and mom already knew: that constructive interplay with animals reduces stress in people.

That is nice information on your well being and longevity, however you probably have a cat, it’s possible you’ll marvel if the sensation is mutual. Do cats prefer to be petted? Do cats prefer to be held as a lot as we like to carry them?

If you happen to do it appropriately, the reply is sure. Many cats, regardless of the frequent and chronic fantasy that they’re aloof, welcome affection from their folks. In reality, petting and holding your cat helps construct a loving relationship between the 2 of you.

Approaches to Petting

Petting your cat generally is a difficult enterprise. It is simple to misinterpret a kitty’s alerts and find yourself touching her the incorrect manner or in a spot the place she does not prefer to be touched.

As an example, for instance, she rolls round on the ground and exposes her tummy. That is her manner of exhibiting that she trusts you. If you happen to attempt to rub your cat’s angelic stomach fluff, nevertheless, she’ll in all probability reply with a scratch or a chew.

It’s possible you’ll assume (with good cause) that your cat hates you, or that it is her manner of telling you she does not wish to be petted in any respect. In actuality, she’s telling you that she simply does not need you to pet her proper there, proper now.

Some cats do love stomach rub, explains Petful, however it’s a must to method it with finesse, and solely when she’s calm and relaxed.

In 2013, a research from the journal Physiology & Conduct was broadly misrepresented as proof that petting cats stresses them out.

John Bradshaw, director of the Anthrozoology Institute on the College of Bristol, England reassures Nationwide Geographic that it was one thing within the cats’ lives and never the act of petting that contributed to the animal’s anxiousness.

(The experiment truly checked out how cats that stay alone expertise stress in a different way from these in multi-cat households.) Petting can consolation your kitty, so go forward and snuggle up.

Head, Shoulders, Cheeks and Nostril

So, by which locations do cats prefer to be petted? The pinnacle, chin and neck are sometimes her favorites. Whereas some cats get pleasure from having their tails touched, others will recoil and even expertise ache from a tail stroke.

Take it slowly, paying shut consideration to your cat’s reactions to your contact and all the time respecting her preferences.

When approaching your kitty, an important trick is to permit her to take the lead, Animal Planet’s Jackson Galaxy tells Petcha. Let your cat sniff your index finger and contact her nostril towards it first.

If she desires to cuddle, she’ll push her face towards your hand and direct you to her ears, chin, or wherever she desires to be petted. Going slowly will create a extra relaxed, warmhearted atmosphere.

If she begins nudging you along with her head or rubbing her cheeks towards your physique, it is a good signal, says Tufts College’s Cummings Faculty of Veterinary Drugs. “Bunting” habits is how cats switch the scents of their cheek glands to beloved environment and members of the family.

Along with being petted, do cats prefer to be held? Typically. Most cats like to snuggle, and so they’re sometimes conscious of being held in the event you introduce them to it regularly. One of the best ways to method your cat for a hug is to start out with a couple of delicate pets, then rigorously choose her up.

You’ll want to safe all 4 of her legs in order that they do not dangle. If she feels secure in your arms, she’ll be extra inclined to remain there. If she squirms and needs to get away, set her down gently and check out once more later. Studying to snuggle takes child steps (and sometimes a tasty reward for not mauling your arms on the best way down).

Does Breed Matter? What About Age?

Some cat breeds are extra receptive to pets and hugs than others. The Siamese, for instance, is a playful and fun-loving breed that may demand consideration from you, as will the affectionate Ragdoll.

Do not be alarmed in case your cat resists bodily consideration. It might simply be a part of her character or upbringing. If a kitten is not socialized with people at an early age, she could also be reluctant to just accept affection.

She might also want extra coaxing in the event you undertake her as an grownup and do not know her backstory. You may acclimate your kitty utilizing a number of the methods above, however some cats merely do not get pleasure from being picked up, preferring to be a nestle-next-to-you cat as a substitute of a lap cat.

Constructing belief is a gradual course of in any relationship. Whenever you make investments your love and affection, you will be rewarded with a feline finest pal (and possibly even a stomach rub).

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