7 Health Problems That Appear When You’re Lazy Cleaning Your Makeup

For some women, wearing makeup is like a primary need that must be done every day. However, after a day of activity, fatigue comes and makes us want to get to sleep quickly when he gets home. It feels, really lazy cleaning makeup!

However, avoid bad habits, girls! Because many bad effects that will endanger health if we are lazy to clean makeup. Is that? Scroll down, please!

1. Not washing your face causes oil buildup and dirt on your face

How often do you wash your face in a day? No matter how busy, always make your face wash, huh! Because not washing your face can cause bad effects on your face.

“This can cause buildup of oil and dirt which can cause acne, more prominent pores and inflammation of the skin,” explained Jennifer Chwalek, MD, a dermatologist from New York.

At least, wash your face twice a day. Use a gentle facial cleanser and don’t forget to wash your face at night when you want to sleep. However, do not over-clean your face, because it will erode skin cells and make them thinner. Our skin has a way to clean itself, says the Well and Good page.

2. Lazy cleaning mascara on the lashes? This is what will happen!

Want to have flexible eyelashes? Relax, mascara is ready to help you! Even so, after finishing the activity, don’t forget to clean the mascara properly, huh! If not, then the chemicals in mascara can settle in the folds of the eyes, says the Metro page. Spooky!

The event that happened to Theresa Lynch, a 50-year-old woman from Australia needs to be a joint lesson. Every day, he wears thick eye makeup, but he is not careful in cleaning it. A few years later, he complained there was something strange under his eyelids on the doctor, like something was lodged in it.

His eyelids felt heavy, irritated and came out from his eyes. He was then referred to the surgeon, then when the eyelid was removed, a hard lump, mascara and reddish black spots were found. It poses a serious risk of vision and if left untreated can cause blindness. Horrified!

3. Don’t forget to clean the lipstick too, if not ….

A bright red lipstick can attract anyone’s attention. It feels, we are more confident when using the right color lipstick. However, don’t forget to clean it after after the activity, huh! If not, in the long run there will be a change in our lips. Like dry, cracked and blackened lips.

Right now, eye & lip makeup remover products are dominating the market. The product can clean lipstick easily in a single wipe. After that, we can let it dry naturally or gently wipe it with cotton or tissue. Don’t be lazy to clean lipstick, for healthy and fresh lips!

4. Makeup inhibits the formation of new skin cells

Every hour, about 30-40 thousand skin cells fall out. And in a 24 hour period, we lose nearly one million skin cells. The skin experiences the most important regenerative process at night where the skin will release dead cells and replace them with new ones, says the Refinery 29 page.

Meanwhile, makeup will actually inhibit the natural exfoliation of the skin, so that our skin will become dull as time goes by. If we do not remove makeup before going to sleep, then the process of releasing dead skin cells will be disrupted and new skin cells will be difficult to form.

5. Not removing makeup can clog the pores

Immediately sleeping after a tired day of activities is indeed fun. But, bad habits can damage your skin, you know! In addition to chemicals in makeup, there is also dirt and pollution that sticks to the skin of the face. So, cleaning it regularly is a must thing to do.

“Makeup, dirt and pollution can clog the pores and potentially cause a breakout,” Teresa Tarmey said on the Refinery 29 page.

In fact, the skin works optimally at night and will completely absorb all the products left on the skin. If you are constantly lazy to clean your makeup, don’t be surprised if your face is easily pimpled and oily, huh!

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